Networks, Communities & Crowds
View Title Publication Date
Integration and Interdependence: Networks, Communities of Practice and Virtual Crowds In progress
HBR Online Making the Most of Your Informal Networks - with Douglas Archibald Harvard Business Review March 2010
HBR Online Why Information Technology Inspired, but Cannot Deliver Knowledge Management California Management Review Summer 1999
View Benchmarking the Impact of Communities of Practice on Organizational Performance - with Douglas Archibald Knowledge Management Review Nov/Dec 2008
View Healthy Communities Inside Knowledge Feb 2008
HBR online Communities of Practice: A Practical Guide to Managing Knowledge - with Etienne Wenger and Bill Snyder Harvard University Press 2002
View A Public Forum and People’s Library: The Evolution of KnowledgeBoard Knowledge Management Review Nov/Dec 2005
How to Avoid a Mid-Life Crisis in Your Communities Knowledge Management Review May/June 2004
Learning Communities The Encyclopedia of Distributed Learning 2003
View Building Spontaneity into Strategic Communities Knowledge Management Review Jan/Feb 2003
Designing Live Community Events Knowledge Management Review July/Aug 2001
View The Public and Private Space of Community Knowledge Management Review May/June 2001
View How Learning Communities Steward Knowledge: Shell Oil Company Best Practices in Knowledge Management, Boston: Linkage Press 2000
View Knowing in Community: Ten Critical Factors for Community Success IHRIM Journal March 2000
View Community Development as a Natural Step Knowledge Management Review Nov/Dec 2000
View Planned Spontaneity Knowledge Management Review Sept / Oct 2000
View 10 Critical Success Factors Knowledge Management Review May/June 2000
View Building Three-Dimensional Communities Knowledge Management Review Nov/ Dec 1999
View Learning Across Teams Knowledge Management Review May/ June 1999

Develop Greater Expertise
View Title Publication Date
Because Wisdom Can’t Be Told: How to Retain Expert Knowledge - with Christine vanWinkelen Under review
Making Knowledge Visible - with Christine vanWinkelen Under review
Retaining Knowledge - with Christine vanWinkelen The Knowledge Management Review May/June 2008
Knowing is a Human Act Infomatik Feb 2002
Transforming Knowledge into Wise Advice Management & Innovation. The World Bank 1996

Improve Decision-making
View Title Publication Date
Why KM Needs a Psychologist In progress
The Myth of Knowledge Management In progress
The Tragedy of the Knowledge Commons KM World Conference Presentation 2007
Working in Public, Learning in Action: Collaborative Knowledge Work Teams Advances in Interdisciplinary Studies of Teams 1995

Enhance Creativity & Innovation
View Title Publication Date
Innovation and Expertise In progress
Scaling Innovation: Lessons from the Private Sector. London: The Department of Education and Skills. Forthcoming.
Enhancing Knowledge Creation for Breakthrough Innovation: Tools and Techniques - with Peter Koen The PDMA Toolbook II. Jossey Bass. 1995
Designing and Improving Knowledge Work Journal for Quality and Participation. March 1994

Change as a Natural Step
View Title Publication Date
Change as a natural step In progress
An Interview with Richard McDermott Inside Knowledge Feb 2006
Scaling Innovation: Lessons from the Private Sector London: The Department of Education Forthcoming.
View Sustaining Change with Communities of Practice. Knowledge Management Review March 1995
View Overcoming Cultural Barriers to Sharing Knowledge - with Carla O’Dell. Journal of Knowledge Management Jan 2001
Creating a Knowledge Sharing Culture American Productivity and Quality Center March 1999
View Campaigning for Change Journal for Quality and Participation. March 1999

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